Lunchtalk Rehearsing Utopia

Lunchtalk Rehearsing Utopia

Tuesday 26 March 2024 om 12:00
Green Hub (Campus UFO), Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33

Onderdeel van het traject Food Democracy
Spreker(s): Malaika Cunningham (University of Leeds/The Bare Project)
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The Stadsacademie is pleased to invite you to the next lunchtalk on transdisciplinarity ?Rehearsing Utopia: Participatory arts, democratic cultures, and food? hosted by dr. Malaika Cunningham.

Over a communal meal, Malaika will share her research on the role of performance and food in building a deliberative political culture. This research is based on the premise that democracy is key to facing the wicked problems of our time ? perhaps most importantly that of sustainable transitions, and that the arts has a key role to play in strengthening and deepening a democratic culture and future building. Drawing on case studies from her own practice, Malaika will explore the democratic opportunities and limitations afforded by participatory performance installations and food-based events.

Malaika Cunningham (UK) is a research Fellow for The Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). Her work explores the role of participatory theatre spaces for political discourse, exchange between strangers and imagination. She has also written on political engagement, participatory arts, and co-productive policy-making. In her research, she brings together her practice as a theatre maker and her academic background in political theory. She completed her PhD in summer 2020 at the University of Leeds as part of CUSP. Between 2021-2023 she was Practice Researcher in Residence with Artsadmin. She is Artistic Director of The Bare Project, with whom she is currently developing The People?s Palace of Possibility, an interactive installation about utopias, seeing ourselves as citizens and political change.

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